“Flying in his/her dreams was an exhilarating, breathtaking experience, sometimes literally, that tended to leave reality wanting, like riding a roller coaster compared to mowing the lawn.”   Sol Luckman

Did you ever feel like flying & getting it captured in a frame for life. If you are affirmative on this, then you must opt for Levitation photography for the pre wedding shoot you are planning for.

When couples plan for a pre wedding shoot, they always prefer to have few pictures, which are unique to their shoot & want to get a “wow” feedback from the near & dear ones. Professional photographers have understood this hidden need & have upgraded themselves to shoot creative out of the box pictures for their clients.

Levitation photography is one such technique, which is currently trending in this segment and very few photographers have mastered the skills & are offering it to the clients. Levitation photography is magical & it gives immense pleasure looking at the final images for the artist, couple, also there near & dear ones.

Things to Consider before you plan for levitation photography.

  • Choose the right kind of photographer; prefer to go with a professional who is passionate, skillful, has prior experience & knowledge of the shoot techniques.
  • Both partners should be willing to participate in the shoot since it involves Jumping, Support stretching, body flexibility & patience.
  • Time slot your shoot schedule since one shoot will take 1-2 hours, as it involves multiple angles, multiple snaps, which will be later used for final editing.
  • The photographer will share a theme along with sketches of the poses he/she plans to capture. Do not worry since all the pieces of the puzzle will fit in for the final mystical image, as 50% of the work is backstage using the editing tools.
Main pose of reference Image

Shoot Technique used for the above reference:

  1. The photographer has used the ladder to support the lower body & the wooden block to support the midsection.  This is the main theme picture & rest of the shots will be taken based on this pose.
  2. Three to 5 clicks are taken to stitch the final image. One each per section of the body frame.
  3. The second shot would be the leg pose with the mid-body support & an armrest for balancing.
  4. The third shot is of the upper body with the Head lifted up as per readiness of the photographer.  A blower fan is placed just in front of the face to ensure the hair flies back & doesn’t cover the face.
  5. Wrap tools, image-merging technique to remove the depression created by the wooden block are used to create the final levitation picture.
  6. Focus stacking of images technique is used to generate the final image & maintain image sharpness.

To conclude, whether to go for Levitation shoot depends on finding the right crew, your inner voice, partner consent, patience, time & the budget you allocated for your wedding photography.