When we are on a tight wedding budget, we are forced to explore options within our friends, relatives, close references to look for a photographer. We call him ‘the buddy photographer’. At times we are lucky enough to find one who has upgraded his clicking hobby and is on his way to monetizing his skills & talent. Before you go ahead and finalize, we urge you to follow the same process, which you would do in case you hired a professional for the task. Refer our earlier communication on the “7 Tips Before you Get-Set-Go…

Apart from the regular filtration related to the photographer’s profile, sample folios; also have a brief check on the type of camera, lenses & accessories the buddy photographer owns. Irrespective of who is taking your Pre-wedding shoot clicks, the person who is hired should have the following mentioned equipment in his photography kit.

Camera Body: Preferably it should be a full frame DSLR or the latest Mirrorless. However, if the photographer is a professional, he can click good pictures using a cropped sensor body or even a High-end mobile. Canon 6D & above are all-Full frame DSLR’s. We also have 4K enabled cameras, however, such high end is not recommended for pre-wedding shoots.

Lenses: Minimum two to three lenses should be part of the pre-wed shoot kit.

  • A wide range lens for all-purpose shoot, 24-104mm, f-4 for outdoor should suffice.
  • A prime lens for portrait & close-ups, 35mm or 50mm, f-1.8 is a must and under low light or for indoor shoot f-1.4 is recommended.
  • A wide-angle lens is optional; in case of a pre-wedding video shoot, 10-18 mm has to be a part of the kit.

Lighting: A mount Flash is a back up for low light or indoor shoot.

Accessories: Along with the standard photo shoot kit, the photographer should carry the following accessories for backup.

  • A Reflector & a diffusor will add on to the quality of shoot, however, these are not mandatory.
  • A tripod or a monopod for video shoots, during the long continuous shoot; minimizes camera shake, for stability & sharp images.
  • Extra memory cards, batteries & power bank.