Weddings are made in Heaven & what God decides is all for good. Few things to consider before you decide upon, whether go for a pre-wed shoot or not? In India 30-40% marriages are arranged & in case you fall in this category, you should ponder upon the below before you take a call.

How good you know each other? In case you have not met after the intial introductory family meetings to finalize on the go-ahead; would recommend you both to start knowing each other. 2-3 outings/ dates would be an ice-breaker & enough time to know one another.

In case distance is a barrier, then video chat or few conferring calls should do the introductory part. However, one on one meeting prior to the shoot is recommended to ensure the crew & you both get acclimatized to the shoot. Moreover if its a theme based shoot it will take lesser time to adjust for the crew , in case you both met prior to the shoot.

Make it a point that both of you meet the crew (Photographer & team) to get to know each other & use this interaction to share your expectations. need to consider the inputs of the crew in terms of location, shoot timings, dress code & color combination, accessories.

In arrange marraiges , we would recommend you to go for photo shoot, preferablly Candid shoot to ensure you get natural pics. Go for a small video snippet of 1-2 minutes which you can use it later for your “Save the Date” invitations.