A pre-wedding shoot has multiple variables & within a specific category, we have many options to choose based on the crew experience, skill levels, type of equipment/gear , the technology, resources listed below to shoot. To get to the brass tags, let us take an example & elaborate.

For example, you have decided to go for a pre-wedding photo shoot next month.

The following would be the questions a professional photographer would definetly ask.

•       When are you planning to get the shoot?

•       Is it a single location or multiple locations?

•       How many pictures are you expecting?

•       What type of format do you want the output & the purpose, usage?

•       Based on your budget he would ask, do you need a single photographer or more?

•       Do you prefer candid pics or you have a reference pics to shoot?

•       Do you prefer paid locations or free locations?

•       Can you start very early in the morning to shoot at a specific location?

•       Do you need a hair stylist, Makeup artist?

This gives clarity as to the choices you make will decide the budget range. So there are chances that you may get a varied costing when you Google and as you deep dive, you will get into a knowledge sharing mode with the service provider.

If time permits, we suggest exploring the options & personally meeting the service provider would be a memorable experience to relish later. However, if you are running short of time, doing a quick reference check will help you to get the best & the same crew can be asked to cover the rest of your wedding functions.

We have a quick reference-costing sheet to guide you step by step and enable you to take a decision on the options you wish to ahead with.

Pre Wedding photo shoot Costing Rs. 12,000 -15,000.

•  One Location, two costume change

•  Single photographer with Full Frame DSLR, multi-lenses.

•  Traditional & Candid Pictures.

•  Output: 50-70 Edited Pictures in digital format.

•  4-6 Hours shoot time.

•  One “save the date” invite.

Note: As the crew size increases & preference of location, costume adds on, the costing will go further up to 25000-30000 INR.

Pre-wedding Video Costing Rs. 15,000- 30,000.

•  One location, Theme based.

•  A high-end DSLR camera with a wide angle & Zoom lenses.

•  Output: 4-5 Minutes of theme based video HD quality.

•  30-60 Seconds “Save the Date” teaser invite.

•  Output format: G drive, CD or pen drive.

Costing will go up based on the multi-angle, cinematic theme based & length of the final video output. It would be ranging from 40000-60000 INR for cinematographic style video (similar to short film or a TV episode Shoot of 45-60 minutes).


  1. Hard format album printing. 25-30 sheets, 100-150 pics would cost 4000-6000 INR. Canvera albums will cost between 8000-12000 INR, which includes web access along with password & PIN option.
  2. Location entry costing 3000-10000 INR based on backdrops, themes, props availability.
  3. Makeup artist costing would be 2000-5000 INR.
  4. Hairstylist would be around 2000-5000 INR.
  5. Scriptwriter & Cinematographer will add further.
  6. A destination wedding will add on to travel, Lodging & Food costing for the crew & self.
  7. Trending styles like Levitation, Miniaturization, and underwater shoot will add on to the budget.